Our hack is completely invisible and can only be detected by very specific server logging methods wich we never encountered so far

⚡Remote control⚡

Can be controlled remotely from any device! If you are a busy man, you can check your bots from phone

⚡CPU Saver⚡

Our bot is CPU efficient, so you can play with even more clients than before without burning your processor


Besides our ThunderBot (undetectable), you can use our extra python scripts which will work on most servers, check Server List for more info

⚡Smart Licenses⚡

Smart licenses, you can own multiple licenses and they will stack time by license grade and slots will stack if licenses are different


You can control as many bots your pc can handle. Our slots are for web control only, nothing stops you to use more clients.

⚡Logs & Auto-updater⚡

Our logging system will update Server List automatically and display risky/not working functions

⚡Captcha Solver⚡

Our bot is also capable of solving captcha. A server added a new captcha? Contact us, we will provide the solver in the same day