Why Choose Us?

Lightning Fast Support

We can adapt the bot for any server in ~one hour! If your server has a unique captcha system, we can write a permanent solver in ~12hours!

Data Privacy

We take your privacy seriously, so we won't use emails for accounts, no auto login and only unique sessions on panel to keep your data safe.

Industry Certified

We have years of experience in this industry, and many more projects active. Our bot is safe and can bypass any protection!

Main Features

Our main() priority is your *safety

Farm Bot

Our Farm Bot uses a complex farm logic that mimics a human's play time & style so you won't be detected by pattern checks.

Safe Zones

In addition to the anti-stuck option, you can also record a Safe-Zone that the bot will not bypass, giving the bot terrain vision

Route Tracking

Record a Route for a never-ending farming session! You can create a route for the bot to kill all bosses & stones in the way..

Auto Skills

Schedule the skills or potions to be re-used for the whole farming session to keep your damage maxed.

Check the Wiki page for many more.

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